How to take and use screenshots from Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO) on a Mac OSX computer

I didn’t really find anything online for this, how to take a screenshot in Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO) on a Mac OSX computer. Yes if you comb through the player’s guide under game controls, you will eventually find a small mention that F9 can be used to take a screenshot, of course, that may work on a PC just fine under Windows, or Linux maybe even, but it won’t work on a Mac until you do some tweaking with the OS settings under system preferences.

First off, the function keys F1 through F10 are used on a Mac (especially MacBook Pro, which is what I have) for various things like brightness, volume, window management, keyboard illumination — which means the default weapons switcher keys F1 through F4 (used to be F1 through F6 but they changed this in favor of the new game interface).. you must use the “fn” key to trigger them, fn-F1, fn-F2, etc..

But for screenshots, you do that and nothing happens.

Go to System Preferences, (Apple menu, System Preferences) under the Keyboard and Mouse section, click the Keyboard tab (if it isn’t already there), then the checkbox where it says “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” — make sure that is checked.

This will effectively disable your normal brightness, volume, etc. functions — so be sure you have them where you want, or use other menus to control them.

Next time you launch POTCO, you will be ready for screenshots as well can switch weapons quickly without the use of the “fn” key!

To take a screenshot, you just press F9. It will store it inside the PiratesOnline application folder with the timestamp from when the image was taken. You can use the right mouse to kinda zoom/pan around if you have a two-button mouse attached, and better center your shot (or look back at yourself to take pics of your pirate’s front side!)

If you haven’t gone into an application folder yet, it’s pretty easy. You find the icon in Applications (or wherever you installed it) then right-click or ctrl-click on it, and then select “Show Package Contents”

Now, for the screenshots, they are located here:


(nice of them to give you a screenshots directory, though, it would be even nicer for me if they let you specify where to place them, I dunno uh maybe erm let’s see… THE DESKTOP!?! yeh, oh well)

And viola, glorious screenshots (stored as JPG on the Mac) of your pirate adventures are now yours.

(from the picture it looks like Jolly Roger is about to attack the port of Padres Del Fuego!)

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