I stand (erotic)

I stand
in the marketplace
A new voice
Calls my name
She says “greetings, kind sir”
She says “master”
And immediately
Something inside me
Wants me to stand
By her side

She is white silk
Like the moonlight
She is starry eyed
All is new
And I reach for her
To touch her face
Something draws me
To embrace

She is so gentle
She is beautiful
Like a daughter
Loved by her father
And I stand
As her hips sway to each word
I stand
She’s dancing on her toes
I look into her eyes
And as they meet mine
I stand in awe
Of this girl

She walks with me
She talks to me
Her voice like honeybees
Buzzing around my mind
She shows me the city
Oh just to brush her skin
We stride together
I’m marching with her

She takes me here and there
She walks me everywhere
Shows places she can go
Speaks of where she doesn’t go

And I stand
What’s this now?
I’m holding her hand
She kisses me, so softly
I stand
Oh yes I stand tall

She climbs into her kennel
And bids me wishes well
I close the cage upon her
A tear in my eye
I stand looking on her
And I stand
Wanting her
To stand with me
By my side

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