In the stillness of the dawn

In the stillness of the dawn
The world sleeps softly
There’s a whisper in my ear
Her voice melts my heart
My love breathes
words of sweetness
from her lips
“I love you”

Bathed in pillows and blankets
Her warmth upon my skin
Laying close together
This magick moment
She touches my energy
We embrace more closely
Snuggle down inside
each others arms

And soothing me once more
Her voice stirs my mind
and body like a flame of
purest light
glowing within my heart
oh again it pulses
impacting the wonder
of pure bliss,
She says “I love you”

Oh happiness I feel here
Life beyond any measure
Such a joy this moment
It will last forever in memory

I nuzzle her, this precious one
What fantastic pleasure
How the Universe has blessed us
Our lives entwined together

And so in gentle kind reply
I am moved by the graceful
beauty, she has chosen me,
I speak the truest words
as it all wells up from
the core of me,
I can only surrender
my heart completely
and say to Her
“I love you”

The first rays of Sunlight
bursts through the
dark of night, the warmth radiate through the window.
We cuddle deeper in our love
And hold this timeless feeling

I look to her and feel so
thankful fate has made this so
perfect, oh the best of me I
find by her side, we kiss and
touch each other,
We roll together in a dance
Becoming ever closer
Her sleepy eyes, Her pretty face
the majesty of our aura
Surrounds us as we settle in
to linger there and say
“I Love You”

Rest now, my love
Dream dreams of us
If one wakes before the other
Dear just know I am here
inside Your heart
we are never far apart
As You reach for me I’ll
hold Your hand and return
to you in Spirit love
though my body may be somewhere else my mind
and soul here with you
All the way
“I love you”

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