iPod (portable media device) + MINI (bmw made car)

been while since i posted – i’ve been up to stuff. put the ipod adaptor in my MINI, so cool. you get 6 custom playlists that you hit your radio buttons for. use the steering wheel controls to go up/down tracks, play/pause, switch modes, blah blah blah.. the only complaint i have, is that they use the CD-changer part of your stock radio (not that I have a CD changer, duh) but what this means is, you dont get the display of track information in your radio, you get CD0, CD1, to CD6.. then the adaptor thing just adds track numbers from 0 to 99 (at 100 it rolls over, 101 is 01, and so forth). ths price went up from $150 to $210, ouch.. plus $100 to install by the dealership. I am sure I could have gotten an aftermarket radio with better ipod adaptor, but i like this one, i like that it hides your ipod in the glovebox instead of sticking outside somewhere in a dock that people can see or whatever, its so worth it, and the adaptor charges up my ipod which is a cool thing too..

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