It’s AMVIV time again! Passing out cards! PHOTO CONTEST!

I found a batch of cards left over from MTTS 2006 and passing them out at AMVIV (thanks Califzeph!) That’s MINI Takes The States and A Mini Vacation In Vegas for those in the know. The front side has my email, Skype ID, this website, and pics of 2 cars:

2003 MINI Cooper S ‘Mindi’ Indiblue/White — This car will NOT be at AMVIV but will be motoring around the San Francisco Bay Area.

1964 Austin Mini (upgraded to Cooper spec.) ‘BamBam’ (formerly known as Guinness) Black/White owned by Rob Cerno. This car is probably zooming around AMVIV somewhere.

If you see either car, take photos with our without yourself and the car, and email it to me to the address on the card, I will be holding a random drawing and giving away prizes for fabulous Mini/MINI giveaways to all who email me photo!

Get creative and there are no restrictions of course don’t hurt yourself or the car in the process!

Categories for best and worst photo will be awarded as follows:

Silly picture

Racing picture

Sexy picture

Celebrity look-a-like (Elvis?)

Rude/angry picture (get some punks together and show us your warrior faces)

Use of Lighting (lasers, flashlights, glow-sticks, or just the warm sun..)

So get to it!

Links from the back of the card direct you to Northern California MINI / Mini clubs.

Enjoy and please visit these clubs’ booth at AMVIV to sign up and get info on their events. I don’t think MOASF has a booth this year, but NorCal MINIs and REME (booth #2 next to SinCity MINIs) generally do.

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