Jokaydia Grid – Yes another Second Life and OpenSim grid, also on World of Warcraft!

I’ve been hearing bits about Jokaydia grid, an Australian based grid running OpenSimulator which is relatively affordable in comparison to some of the other closed grids.

Here’s some tidbits about Jokaydia grid:

Focus – Like New World Grid (which is based in France), Jokaydia is centered around education and artistic uses, as well social change (I gather they refer to using virtual world technologies to empower educators and artists, hmm?)

Maturity rating – Looks like Jokaydia likes to open themselves up to children (ok, younger folks) so they can get a head start on Virtual World living and interactions. I don’t know what sort of adult or mature oriented stuff this grid has (if any!) though they do have hang out places for people to, well, hang out.

It seems Jokaydia really likes the whole hypergrid idea and encourages folks to hyperjump around the different metaverses, even doing some cross promotion in other grids, including running 4 sims on Linden Labs’ Second Life grid, some interaction with ReactionGrid (which also does a lot of art projects and has a PG rating as far as I know), and even World of Warcraft, where they have a group of goblins hanging out.. this I don’t know too much about and get all of it third person, but here’s the usual rundown of what Jokaydia grid is..

The viewer – you can use any OpenSim or SL friendly viewer to login, nothing special there.

The sims – There are a few variants here, first of all, they do have 4 sims running in Linden Labs’ Second Life grid! Also, they have the Jokaydia grid sims which are OpenSimulator based, I am not sure but, I believe they are a somewhat closed grid system (can you can connect your own self-hosted sims to their grid or not… nothing says you can’t, but then nothing shows you that you can… which, hmm, is a bit odd, I don’t know!) I will guess then, that the answer is NO — they are a closed grid… Until someone proves me wrong hehe. They also rent you sims or parcels. Neat thing is, if you rent from them in Second Life, you get some free land in Jokaydia grid free along with it (neato!)

Renting – They rent entire sims for about $25au per month for a full region. Not so bad eh?

Events – They love to host all kinds of friendly events and have 4 calendars you can poke through to find out stuff to learn, hangout, or go hypergrid travelling with them across lots of other inter-connected grids, neato! πŸ™‚ There seems to be a nice community of people at Jokaydia grid, and they really promote the whole cross-cultural, cross-grid, multi-media experience. That’s cool too.

Support – They have an OSticket based support system right on the website as well 2 wiki’s of information for you to peruse for assistance.

About – The name Jokaydia grid comes in part by creator Jo Kay (aka jokay Wollongong in jokaydiaGRID, ReactionGRID, and SL) and claims to be a “freelance geek, designer, and facilitator” based in Wollongong, Australia (hence the avatar’s last name!) the About page on continues “Jo has interests in online culture and social networking and the impacts both are having in the education sector, but also on society in general. Her current research is around virtual worlds, with a particular focus on virtual worlds and the possibilities that they offer for education, communication and collaboration. Jo is owner and manager of jokaydiaGRID and the Islands of jokaydia and supports a vibrant community of educators and Institutions. For more information visit:Β”

Accounts – You create accounts through the webpage, and have a selection of decent looking default avatars to choose from. If you are on one of the other hypergrid-accessible grids like ReactionGrid or New World Grid for example, then you can hypergate teleport across into Jokaydia grid, of course, without the need to create another avatar πŸ™‚

So, travelers, well worth checking out! But don’t just take my word for it, go check out their website and see for yourself all the neat stuff going on here. Looks promising for educational and artistic uses, most definately, this grid is rather on the cutting edge of the whole social networking concept or virtual learning thing touted by so many people “oh that would be a great idea if our university would …. blah blah blah” Well, it so seem that people ARE doing those things in Jokaydia grid, and have some good success with it, so kudos!

Will you find violent sexy games and adult interactions on Jokaydia? This I don’t know, I haven’t been there myself. But if your school chums and people newbie to the whole virtual world hing are looking for a casual place to hang out, this appears to be a good place to start.

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