Jokes of Gor II – Beginning Gorean 101 and more Jokes

Episode Two – The (Cartoon) Chronicles of (Animated) Counter-Earth. In this episode the Master speaks to his Slave, describing some key elements of Gor, while she tries to stay awake by poking jabs at him and bantering with him about their outfits and plugs their text-to-speech voices. After about 16 minutes of this, they then tell more Gor jokes as taken from Narin of the Gorean Shores Forum. So, some serious material mixed in with our comedy sketch (if you don’t want the backstory, fast forward!) We’ve got some good comments from our first production using Xtranormal and the text-to-speech Movie Maker, so decided to make another one already! These episodes are quite long, but hey, so are John Norman’s books! 🙂 References to the voices used in these animations (Acapella or AssitiveWare’s Infovox iVox text-to-speech engine) If you love or hate these please give good intelligent comments, subscribe, share, etc! My website is at and the Gor forum (where the jokes were) is at – the Gor references were taken from Wikipedia.

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