Yeah, I am betatesting joost, this IPTV thing, it seems pretty cool.

Initially I installed it at work on the PC, and it was working great until they (work) changed the firewall and proxy policy, now it doesn’t stream video at all though I can still login and all that.

So, now I am home installing it on my Mac. I have a older laptop of a PowerBook G4, it has 1.5Gb memory and the stock 80Gb or whatever small hard drive they come with, 1.5Ghz CPU and ATI Raedon graphics of some sort (WoW and Quake3 look good, though I don’t play either now on the Mac).

Anyway.. so I download Joost.. the .dmg package. I understand I can give out unlimited invites now if anyone else wants to betatest with me, just let me know. You prolly have to be in North America for this to work, but <shrug> who knows?

More on this neat Joost thing as time permits. Till then, check out their website at (pronounced “juiced” by the way)


Update: Great, stupid Joost. Doesn’t work on my Mac. I need a MacTel to run it. Yeah, why don’t you guys just give me one then. How lame is that.. <cloud..> feh!

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