lazy? me? no… so here’s the blogs..

“StarLord, You are everywhere!”

Yeah, it was kinda cool but just got to be too much work; A blog on dot mac, blog on myspace, blog on yahoo 360.. transfered some of it to blogspot, well now I decided to simply put them all here on

Initially, I tried importing them into WordPress. Some of these turned out fine, others not. There are known issues with MySpace’s RSS feed, in that it’s output isn’t very configurable, and often cuts off the blog entries you to import, as well, it gets the dates messed up.

So, before I go and delete all the blogs everywhere, I am fixing the imports HERE. Once everything has been imported over, then I will go ahead and delete them from whatever other site they may have been on, leaving a simple link back here (or in the case of sites like Yahoo 360, link back to the new feed) so that people can find the latest blog entries, and subscribe directly from here, which does the respective RSS or Atom feeds nicely.

This effort to save me time in the future is actually quite a bit of work today! Hurray for the weekend, I’ll be plugging away at all of this in my spare time..

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