Lycan Dreams…

Walking along the road, I noticed the air was chilled, yes, looking down to the stream below, following its curves from the distance to the west, under the bridges, a shrinking trickle of water working its way through a layer of ice that forms over it like a white cocoon.. reminds me winter is so near.. the land and paths clustered with brown sleeping trees and the dry ground-cover erodes away to the cold earth below.. gazing off the path, just beyond my field of view, where the sharpness of vision gives way to a blur of the unknown, I can sense something is there, watching me, as if stalking me in its motionless way.. something that could easily shift into motion, his or her claws digging into the surface as it gains ground to meet my pace, and so swiftly, deftly, stand or walk on whatever powerful legs propel its feet or paws upon me…

“Ah, is you.. it is you.. I caught your scent a few miles back, and surely knew you were to come this way..”, a deep throaty, hungry voice softly echoed in my mind, “and knew, thus you were like and our kind..”

Like and our kind, I thinks to myself, what is this beast saying? I continued my walk, shivering slightly, knowing my journey now had accompaniment which wasn’t to leave soon, yet wasn’t a threat at this point either.. A dark hunger, but unlike a vampire, I knew my days were not numbered and it didn’t wish to drain me of my blood.. wondered for a moment just how human I may be, or if it was wondering this and I had picked up on its very thoughts..

“smiles.. of course.. you see, it is not a matter of prey or capture, simply, you may be family, and best if you had the mark of us so we did not mistake you at some later frenzy as such to feed upon our brothers and sisters, or to seek to disable them, mistaking you a threat at some future time when primal instinct may overtake reason and knowledge of the other..”, the velvety voice continued its dialogue, as if rehearsed or said before, more so formality than rhetoric or deja vu unto me…

And thus again I wondered what was to come of this moment and what indeed it wanted, if it did indeed want. Without saying, I felt as if it were asking me to be bitten or clawed or some such markings upon me so that it would come to pass I affirmed I was one of them or perhaps it was questioning me, in my own mind, that I may be what it thought I was, or was to be..

“You need to be clear in your mind on this, dear one, and yet I haven’t asked of you any of this, you do perceive well my intent or curiosity to know.. are you like and, our kind?”

Like, and, our kind?

“No.. no.. Lycan. Our Kind, Kindred. Smiles..”

I see..

“I know you can sense it, for here we are, at this moment, it was you who came into my domain, and proceeded thus knowing..”

Then as quickly as it appeared it seemed to have subsided, without my motion to question or challenge this last statement, and I returned to my walk and proceeded along the path, wondering what would come to pass..

[written by StarLord Scribe]

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