Mini Meet West 2005 – Sunday


p class=”blogContent”>Sunday, it was Altamont track day, lots of autocross, funkhana, and trips to the concession stand for water, ooh it was like over 100 at some points, this is where I got the sunburn.. not too bad, though I have a farmer’s tan now..

Sunday’s driving would be followed by the tour and banquet at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, this is a cool place but beers were an expensive $4 per 8oz. glass. For dinner it was a mixed plate of greens with salmon and chicken; the fish was nicely seared and fall-apart soft inside, very well done. The chicken was so-so, too much white meat for my tastes, and lemon tart for dessert was, well, very tart! But it was the good company that was more important, and nothing is better than a room full of Mini fanatics celebrating the last 3 days of Mini events! I sat with my friend Dennis, who placed 2nd in the autocross, along with his wife, who is a joy to talk to and provides a good balance, making sure we don’t just talk about Mini, Mini, MINI all the time 🙂 As we parted ways, some heading back to the hotel, and others like myself heading home, we contemplated what we’d do next year in Prescott, AZ for Mini Meet West 2006!

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