Miniology 017 – 2007 REME Yosemite / Mountain Tour

Our official correspondent, Litabelle (aka Fayt) driving along with hubby Rob C. (aka Fayt’s M8) in BamBam (previously known as Guinness!) took some great video, edited it down and even did some narration during the filming of Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts “Mountain Tour Part 2? through Yosemite! Yay! (if you recall, they also did Mount Shasta in Part 1 a bit ago, filmed by our own Rob ‘Califzeph’ Saunders and friends) Well, gosh, let me quit yappin’ (and try to stop putting these silly comments in parenthesis) and show you the video she ended up with! Enjoy!

A first of many videos, we are sure.. great job! (note this was filmed Labor Day weekend, September 2007, sorry for the late posting!)

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