Missing the music

That song on the radio
When I shared it with you
And you shared it with me
In those moments
The song was no longer just a song
That I hear, that you hear
It became ours, that we both listen to
that symphony

Other lusty songs wander through
Finding their way to my ears
Though their words could draw us near
I am sad, they remind me of us
our slow hands
touching each other
if but virtually
fuck I still feel them
even when I am alone
missing you
touching myself
and remember
how good
we enjoy the electricity
yes now
I surrender to it
allow myself to be lost in you
our energies touch again
until the crescendo overtakes me
with the music of your breaths in my mind
and the warmth of your climax
washing over me
as I peak and find sweet release
the songs of spirit resonates again

with no demands, it satisfies
it doesn’t need to be rationalized
or judged or labeled wrong or right
without asking, it answers
it just is
surging and powerful
repeating its melodies again
play, secret, play
in my heart and mind and emotion
as the lyric and instruments tend to do

How can I miss
What’s always there
The tune rings
in spite of everything
it is within me
it is within you
we open up at the same time
and listen
the missing music fills the void
and closes the space between us
until once again
sweeps us
carries us
brings us closer
music does that

at times we cry or laugh
or hum, sing, whistle, nod
when music comes
when we hear or play it
it reminds us
where we were
what we did
when we first listened
steadfast or ambivalent
and acknowledged
the song

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