MOASF xmas party

tonight is the Mini owner’s xmas party get-together thing. I go with Dennis (BlueMeanie) and we all meed up at BJ’s brewhouse in San Mateo for beer, food, talk about Minis, and gift exchange. I totally could not find a Mini sort of gift so made one up from the bulldog vs. MINI pictures (canada site) and framed it nicely. My secret santa gift turned out to be a copy of the Italian Job (original movie) which I am going to give to someone at work, or maybe to my dad I dunno.. since I already have it! I also stopped at Toys R Us to use their ATM and got this big 1:6 scale MINI Cooper R/C car OMG its SO BIG! hahah.. fun fun fun.. will probably end up giving it to Calvin for xmas present, though he is already getting some other stuff, the spoiled guy

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