MobileMe quietly kills Microsoft Exchange PC sync

I got an ‘update’ for the MobileMe control panel today, whose purpose seems to be nothing but eliminating the earlier troubled feature of PC sync with Outlook and an Exchange server. Whilst you can still sync fine over your iPhone or iPod touch or whatnot, the PC function of syncing Outlook, if that Outlook happens to be configured with an Exchange server (and really, who uses Outlook without Exchange?) — well they no longer support that.

What?! Not even a mention like, “Gee, sorry, we couldn’t get this working so we just gave up and you can’t do it any longer.”

No, none of that. No admitting defeat, it’s just kinda like.. “oh, outlook? yeah, we sync with that non-Apple program, but, if you are using an Exchange server, well, that doesn’t work, so go away.”

Great. Thanks a heap, Apple. It was one main reason I agreed to renew my MobileMe (formerly dot mac) and bought an iPhone, with the promise that I could sync across all devices just like it was touted so furiously at launch, yet it never seemed to work.. so instead of fixing it, they just eliminated it. Boo!

So if I update something calendar, mail, or address book on the PC, it isn’t going to sync Outlook anymore, because that outlook happens to be tied to an Exchange server. That is the dumbest thing I have heard all month. Ok, second or third dumbest thing, but anyway.. It Sucks!

I don’t care if the Outlook exchange still works over ActiveSync with my iPhone, I want a 100% solution not a 75% half-arse solution with holes or quirks in it. I have to say I am dissapointed. What’s the use of having a MobileMe control panel on the PC if the key functions don’t work? I could care less about syncing my bookmarks across devices, ugh!

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