(pt.1) More info on iPhone OS 4 (browsing the new features..) screenshots, issues, problems!?

Decided to go on a little tour, fingers ready to simultaneously hit the home and power button to take more snapshots (that’s how to do a screenshot on the iPhone, since the software update..) and point out to you, the casual or dedicated viewer of my blog, my findings in my usual style of review and ranting or comic relief lol..

First up..

Notes have changed along with the email, you can now collect your notes in one handy dandy place — the beta testers did a lot of testing but forgot one thing…

I don’t have a dotmac/mobileme account anymore. This seems to be the default location they back up your notes as far as the iPhone is concerned, I now have lost all of my notes! Yikes!

Not to worry though, they were still on my mac in mail (yes, the location is inside the mail program, in a folder called “On My Mac” viola, that is where the notes you type into your iPhone are kept.. You would think they would end up in some little app called “Notes” or perhaps “Stickies” like OS9 had, but, whatever, they end up there in Mail. This was remedied by me copying my notes from “On My Mac” to another account which shows up here, my AIM account, then pasting said notes there. I now have 2 sets of notes on my Mail program on the Mac, but, one set as far as the iPhone is concerned…

I didn’t even know gmail had notes per se, never bothered to look. On to the next feature:

The shared inbox is a glorious thing. Nuff said, next feature. Calendars has been updated with a nifty new feature:

Taking a cue from Plaxo perhaps, we now have a calendar listing everyone’s birthday, so you can never forget one (unless you don’t use Calendar on your iPhone.. LOL.. Well, back in the day I used Outlook/MS-Exchange integration and lived by my Outlook Calendar. My boss had other ideas and was likely either undersexed or on crystal meth, but that’s another story, he didn’t like the same Outlook integration and iPhones were the bane of the elite since everyone was forced to use crackberries (which suck..truly..) but anyway I am getting way off topic LOL ..

Back to the calendar.. Your birthdays are listed as little dots in the month you are looking at, which isn’t so handy unless you click on the day in question, and it shows the person’s name for whose birthday it is below:

List mode is even handier, it shows everyone’s birthday for the year, past, and future even, in a continuously scrolling birthday-o-rama, cool feature:

Woot, that’s cool. Next feature. Maps were updated a bit. I don’t know if they are any more accurate, and it seems with iPhone 3G you need to have a sim card installed since it isn’t really truly GPS like (I guess..) the later models are, but the pointer (compass?) is added or updated to the bottom left hand corner, and if you flick the page turny thing up you get a few more options (street zoom mode is cool to see on the iPhone, though I am not sure if you get the full Google Earth in this version or not (I have downloaded that app separately anyway):

The maps are integrated with contacts, let me pull up contacts and show you… uh-oh, looks like importing from both Yahoo and Google isn’t fixed, and after minutes/hours of organizing and cleaning up my address book, the iPhone sync has now effectively horked them again. Look, here is my buddy Filip who has had 10 different emails and phone numbers the past goddess-knows how many years we have known each other, well, now they are all separate and made into individual accounts I will need to clean up (AGAIN!) arrrgghhhhh!! almost makes you want to go chuck your iPhone, but I paid too much for my $40 new Otter BOX case at the local Telus store, so not even going to chuck it now. Anyway, screen shot to prove, just imagine this is done to many of my hundreds of contacts, making it a total disaster as far as my Virgo sense of organization goes:

Meh. Next “feature” we move along..Sharing contacts, it opens up the email app so you can send the contact over (bluetooth? that would be nice.. but no..) their email to someone.. Here is my good friend (kidding) Tim Horton:

No I don’t really know this person, its a Canada joke you may not get..

We’ll post more goodness in the next … post! Sorry running late so had to cut this one off… Stay tuned!

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