More music posted!

Hey everybody, remember

No, not the one they have today, but back in the day of adventurous internet stuff where artists uploaded their tunes and could burn CD’s online and send them out to people?

Yeah that was fun.

Well, I posted up the albums (in mp3 format) from earlier works “debut” (circa 2000), “go! go! go!”(from the MOD tracker scene, around 1993+ though there are some later remixes of the same tunes I had around then), and the “recovery” soundtrack album (1992, done solo on a Korg DW-8000 synth).

Hit my discography page for the links to listen or download these tracks (yes, for free of course!) — when I get around to it we’ll be posting a more user-friendly interface for the less computer savvy, GUI-driven listeners…


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