More outages, then, a new webhost is chosen.


Hi folks, last webhosting rant for awhile I hope…

In August 2013 we saw 19 outages, 11 hours 53 minutes of downtime, or an uptime of 98.4%

Our original contractual SLA with bluehost guaranteed 99.5% uptime or better, but they have since removed this language from their TOS and network status pages. I guess the writing was on the wall, eh? To be fair, bluehost lets you leave at anytime you are dis-satisfied, with no penalty payments or what not, they even pro-rate your unused service and refund the difference. Kudos for that.

Matt had an awesome service back in the day.  Pity the service went the way it did.

Update: The good news is, today it’s back!

Of course, none of the blog sites are a main source of income for me, I don’t do this full-time. But, we can’t afford to be down when people want to read an article, look up an address, view or listen to a broadcast, buy something, post an article, whatever, the sites I manage for other people depend on the webhost to be reliable, and that’s why we are moving them all elsewhere.

I’d like to just get back to posting my little blog articles, music, podcasts, vodcasts, and what not.

As an aside, for those who haven’t been following me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, or other places I post, well, I hope to catch-up on all things StarLord, soon 🙂

For a time we selected a new webhost, alas, it didn’t quite go well, we got hacked, often. Moving my sites from Site5t to GoDaddy to Newtek, ah when would it end?

To bluehost’s credit, we only had 2 outages in the following year, or 99.92% uptime, but it was then a case of not enough and too late.

Phew, after a bit of a hiatus, we came full circle and trusting bluehost again, thus far, they’ve delivered!

Is your host better? worse? Feel free to comment here at the website, or via facebook, twitter, et al 🙂

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