More than you wanted to know about Highway 1

At work, we were discussing how California Highway 1 is known up in Northern California as “Cabrillo Highway” while in Southern California it is known as “Pacific Coast Highway” — well, I thought it couldn’t be BOTH of them, but, it is.. that and more..

Care for a road trip?

Beginning in Leggett, California, some place in the middle of nowhere about 180 miles/3 hours North of San Francisco, CA-1 “Shoreline Highway” begins at the intersection of Redwood Highway (CA-101) and, well, CA-1.

It stays with this name until crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, where the name changes to “Cabrillo Highway/Coast Highway”.

This leg extends from the I-280/CA-1 interchange in Daly City, down to Half Moon Bay, just past the airport where it suddenly becomes “Cabrillo Highway North.”

Just past the CA-92 interchange, it becomes “Cabrillo Highway South”, until Stage Road (near LaHonda), where the name returns to “Cabrillo Highway.”

Continuing South to Oxnard, the name becomes “Pacific Coast Highway.” Other than a brief moment in Newport Beach, on either side of Dover Drive, where it changes to “West Coast Highway” / “East Coast Highway”, and Laguna Beach, who names it “North Coast Highway” / “South Coast Highway” on either side of Laguna Canyon Road, the name stays put, well, more or less.

Further down the road, in the city of Dana Point, CA-1 drifts into obscurity, one half dead-ending as it forks left along “Camino Las Rablas” crossing under San Diego Freeway I-5, the “Pacific Coast Highway” bit forks right, ending at Camino Capistrano and North El Camino Real in the city of Capistrano Beach. Well, in either case, we must be close to the end of our adventure, because in San Clemente, whatever was left of PCH doubles back on itself via Cristianitos Road.

We can follow Avenida Del Presidente back up the other side of I-5, reconnecting via South El Camino Real / North El Camino Real, where we find ourselves back on PCH..

Why on EARTH would someone blog that? Ah, I must be itching for a good run in the Mini. I missed out on some of the best roads last weekend. Check for the latest post of videos and pics by our West Coast correspondent, Califzeph (Rob Saunders).

One of my co-workers pointed out the wiki page for California State Route 1, which you can find here.

Perhaps worse than this bit of geekdom is that I took the time to use Google Maps to track the entire stretch of road, and posted the blog before ever seeing the wiki article. I’ll use this morning’s breakfast as a scapegoat. Leo over at Cafe’ Royale mixed up some Grenadine-Ginger drink, which probably did something maniacal to my brain today.. yeh.. that’s it.. that’s the ticket..

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