morning vision… (Vampyr)

A ship glides silently across the outer atmosphere, traveling between the worlds..
First light touches the cold metal of the craft, it’s ion shields deflecting and absorbing the energies in a soft blue corona…
The traveler, glancing over the controls, looks to the view screen,
from out of the darkness, a beacon pulses, first subtly, then more pronounced as the ship intuitively obtains a lock..
smiling, the StarLord motions toward the view screen, and the ship glides down towards its target..
pacing slowly, ritualistically, towards the center of the craft.. a rift opens in space in the bottom of the floor, and he steps into it..
in an instant he is materialized into the depths of a dark gothic corridor, the guardians spring to life, moving toward his position..
without a motion or a sound, he focuses on the beings,
sending an image of himself and his Liege to their collective consciousness..
their movement ceases, the spirits disperse and align themselves along the corridor, half welcoming, half poised to attack.
he moves deeper into the catacombs, recalling the beacon from moments before, and holds it in his mind…
instinctively, as if hunting a wild thing, he walks softly toward it’s point of origin…
a thought is given and a panel opens in the wall, revealing a chamber built into the walls, which opens to an atrium
a soft glow emanates from a platform in the room,
a carved stone sarcophagus inlaid with ancient symbols,
which rests upon a circular indentation in the floor..
he approaches slowly, the circle coming to life with beams of red energy criss-crossing in geometric patterns,
5-sided pentacles, 7-sided enneagrams, a shield of energy surrounding the platform, which draws him into it…
he gazes then into the sarcophagus, seeing a woman of incredible beauty resting, as if in trance..
she is naked except for a fine gossamer dress, woven into delicate lace,
draping over her form, yet stretched tight across the curvaceous points in her body,
complementing and flattering her form.. he looks upon her with great admiration,
and she stirs in her slumber, as if to beckon his awareness in her dream.
he leans close to her, taking in her scent, his aura close, his energies touching upon her chest and neck..
feeling the heat reverberating from her body, listening to her breathing, watching her body rise and fall with each breath..
her lips slightly parted, glistening in the ambient glow of the room, he bends down to softly kiss her, savoring her taste in his mouth..
his head swirls on the effects and closes his eyes, allowing her energies to enter him and pass through his body,
finding the places in his body where she has traveled before..
he takes himself deep into his chakras, breathes deep,
his mouth hovering over her ear.. then slowly releases his warm tantric breath into her…
he watches her body twitch to the feeling, her eyes slowly blinking to focus upon him,
as she lifts her arms to greet him in an embrace.. gazing into his eyes..
knowing her time is not his own, he whispers ‘good evening, my Liege..’ smiles upon her..
meeting her eyes with his.. she grasps him and pulls him closer, bringing herself up to him,
her thigh pivots to capture him with her leg.. drawing him into the cold box with her, turning him over..
grinning wickedly, rolling on top of him, pushing him down onto the stone..
he grunts as the cold stone touches his skin..
then lowering herself into the sarcophagus upon him, her breasts brushing up against him,
she grabs his hands and holds them down, he relaxes and she grabs him at the wrist…
moaning in the pleasure of her touch..
she opens her mouth as if to kiss, her eyes turning red with desire.. she presses into him…
fangs revealed, her eyes glow as she bites into him, drinking vitae from his veins..
gasping, he works to hold still while the sharp fangs pierce into him,
reopening the same marks that have healed over times before..
feeling his spirit coursing through her again.. she laughs, then strokes her minions cheek with her hand…
her hair falling down upon his face and chest, embraces him and reaches to bite his ear playfully…
touching it with her tongue
levitating, she pulls him up and out of the sarcophagus, eyes meeting his again, smiling, she vanishes..
the air rings with the silence of her teleportation, his senses search the air for her presence,
his nose taking in the essence of her scent, he licks his lips to taste what remains of her….
with a gesture, he calls to his ship, which opens the portal to lift him up, rising through the arched ceiling of the structure,
up through the sky, he returns to his ship, his head swirling with the images of the past few minutes,
he smiles in meditation, awaiting the time where he may be with his Liege once again…

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