My cloud computing projects – Boinc, why bother?

I’ve participated in SETI@home since early 1999 (or before..) and took on other programs I thought were interesting such as ufluids, climateprediction, einstien@home, and others from time to time.. Well currently the BOINC manager visualizations or other what-nots seem to be conflicting in odd ways with my OpenSim server, so working on fixing that…

In other news, I was recently chosen as the uFluids user of the day (woot woot!) yeah another geeky accomplishment, though on Mac OSX there isn’t as much data as on other platforms (this, and other BOINC projects also).. Ah well… August 2, 2010 will go down in history as the day I was featured on uFluids…


You’ve been chosen as the uFluids user of the day!
Your profile will be featured on the uFluids website for the next 24 hours.

Neat huh? I spoze so.. Which causes me to wonder what my profile on these servers actually look like… LOL…

uFluids member since: 8 Nov 2007
Country: United States
Total credit: 40,224

SETI@home gives even more data, in fact, shows data from other projects on their page for me.

The idea that your unused computer time (well, while your computer is idle) can be used for other people and projects isn’t new, and running the BOINC screensaver enables you to participate in some interesting scientific projects (some are done by research companies for profit, some are done for the common good or non-profit research, some educational institutions, etc..)

To find out more just hit the main BOINC site (the project started and continues through the University of California at Berkeley).

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