My so-called (Second) Life

Some people know I am playing Pirates of the Carribean Online (aka POTCO), I have a character named Starlord (go figure) and yes another one. I am an officer in a guild (or group) of people who like to play it just a bit more than usual and it’s a fun role-playing (RP).. er, actually MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) whew what a mouthful.

Well, now I am getting into SecondLife, produced by Linden Labs here in San Francisco. It’s not a game per se, but there are games within it.

You can Role-Play whatever you like, you can be a prince or princess, an elf, a human, a dragon, a furry (subculture alert) cat or car or whatever you dream up.

There are sexual themes for the mature audiences (such as BDSM, strip clubs, etc.), and more kid-friendly themes for the teen audience (such as YuGiOh based avatars and objects, combat systems so you can run around pushing or fighting or what not as kids like to do) — oh, an Avatar (or avie) is what you choose to look like in the SecondLife world (aka SL, grid) — if you have more than one, then your others are called an Alt, as in, Alternate avatar.

Still with me?

I am going to do some follow-up posts but for now you can look for me in-world, I am likely one of few StarLord people and my profile links to my public blog. I tend to play SL more than POTCO now, whenever I get time from RL (Real Life) and not doing my car stuff, music, art, photography, and all the other cool spacey or Spiritual stuff that StarLords must do πŸ˜‰

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