new door, new hair, etc?

we put a new door on the house, wow it looks way better. all the manuals say its tough but really it isnt.. well, i had help from my neighboor. we are doing alot of projects around the house. filip’s bro-in-law going to be doing our bookshelves/cabinets, and we are getting another bid for re-facing the fireplace, so it’s all coming together. (big sigh of relief) i’m losing weight too, which is awesome. lost over 10 pounds already.. schweet! i cant wait to be back at my ideal weight. my blonde hair? well now it’s blonde tips. i went into hot topic last week and this dude says ‘cool doo!’ it actually looks better now than when it was blonde, i think. may keep it that way, maybe not.. dunno.. my co-worker from london (who is probably gay and knows about fashion and all) says i should let it go brown again, but then everyone in the Piccadilly (UK) office has bleach blonde hair it seems. oh i am rambling on and on, but then, its a blog… BLAHHHHHHG… good night!

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