On assignment

Working on TV shows we often needed press passes to gain media access to events or at least show our credibility for exercising our ‘freedom of the press’ rights. Well, StarLord has finally bit the bullet and joined the International Press Association, thanks to meeting one of the IPA members at Laguna Seca during Monterey Historic. Finally, independent producers and professional contractors in the broadcast industry won’t be left out in the cold without their station ID or placard on their person. As a member of the working press (albeit not my full-time job), we gain the benefits of access, not only to press areas at the track or press-only events/access at shows, but also some of the delightful footage as you will see beginning in episode 11. Would we have gotten this footage otherwise? Well, probably eventually yes, but it does make things easier when you have verification from an established press organization backing your credentials. Thanks, IPA. We are also working on a proposal to startup StarLord’s cable access show again, ala Mini enthusiast oriented, so look for these vodcasts hitting the airwaves (and in a more polished state) again soon!

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