Outages at BlueHost.com worsen, sites get hacked.

I haven’t written a blog article for far too long.

Well, this is more so a customer service rant.

Something worthy of bringing to the attention of our readers, since Matt (the CEO of BlueHost.com, my host for years) left the company, the service gradually went to shit.

For starlord.net, in July 2013, there were 21 outages, response time down to a average of 5467 ms, that doesn’t seem bad when considering it equates to 99.56% uptime, 190 minutes (just over 3 hours) of being completely inaccessible.

But, for me, that is bad.

When you have paying customers who can’t access their website, and podcast subscribers who can’t view posts or listen or watch episodes, that is all bad for business.

Since BlueHost refused to give me status update emails or post things transparently when the stuff goes down (as they promised to do), or even planned outages and maintenance and what not — which I got no word of — we took proactive measures to get outage reports from pingdom, in fact, have been monitoring this on our own for awhile.

Giving a shot at optimism, I thought I would call for some Support and see if they could patch things up. After a few failed voicemail/calls and tickets to bluehost, along with their odd excuse for a live chat help (run by slow responding people who can barely understand tier 1 support, let alone something technical), I threw up my hands and just gave up. They were just not talking to customers anymore.

Then, My wife’s website got hacked in June from an IP address inside bluehost, this means someone logged in and compromised their systems, and then recursively went through and uploaded files to people’s hosted websites. I asked for access logs but never got them. Silence is golden, perhaps they were embarrassed, or just didn’t care?

When questioned, bluehost said that being hacked was not their problem, we are on our own, whatever happens to your website is your own fault for not protecting it. Really? This is the level of security I paid for? It starts sounding like an inside job to generate more sales of their security add-ons to me.

Thus, we started looking for a new host.


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