Pirates of the Carribean Online (POTCO) maps, information!

This is a bit dated since they recently added more stuff to the game, but, for the main quests (Black Pearl), finding your way around island areas, and locating the monsters (er, whatever) within the game, It is highly useful.

First off, what is POTCO? It is Disney’s MMORPG, often rated one of the best online games in spite of a bit lower quality graphics, the experience of playing is fun. Clans and friendships are formed. You can advance through the levels of your avatar to level 40, master each weapon to level 25 (gaining skill points which can be used to enhance your skills, raise health, voodoo, sailing, or other new abilities)  all in all it’s a free game, with extra stuff available for paid (premium) memberships. It’s about $9 a month to play the premium version and unlike WoW for example, all expansions and  updates are free! Yay! Anyway, here’s a link to files I have collected on POTCO..

Founder’s Feast Bonfire
A Glitch in Tortuga the GM showed me
Founders Feast Meat! Gives 2000 health!

Location of monsters
About the islands
Padres Del Fuego
Businesses in PDF
Businesses in PR
Port Royal
Big Map of the game

Oh, one more thing.. I don’t know where I downloaded these from, it was awhile ago and the maps are now dated (don’t include new islands or enemy info).  If anyone knows who made these please let me know so I can give credit and maybe we all can get updated maps 😉

You can find me on POTCO (Pirates Of The Carribean Online) as ‘StarLord’ — my good friend in the game (who is way beyond me in ability) is a crazy woman named ‘Jade Wildstack’ — if you need help with anything contained in the game, ask me, her, or one of the other fine officers in the Clan. They are there to help keep the game fun for everyone!

PS: At POTCO, every day is talk like a pirate day! Anyone caught playing out of character will be ‘asked’ to walk the plank (or bribe said captain with good rum) arrr!

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