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p class=”blogContent”>long has it been since i have left the mass hysteria of windows viruses, worms, spam, trojans, exploits, port attacks, and all that is no fun about computers..

i have a mac now. well, ok my laptop is a powerbook g4 and i use it for just about everything. i have a silly old pc laptop in my MINI which I use as a gps carcomputer thing, but normally dont bring it into the house. it has a webcam, i can plug a headset in and use skype on it, and it does some things my mac would do just fine if software was available for it (uh, but it isnt)

one of these things i can do on pc (but not yet on mac, at least with safari) is post blogs and forum postings in wysiwyg editors. small price to pay for peace of mind elsewhere, i suppose.

so why use safari if it is feature limited and slow? well, like the beatles song its getting better all the time. it is still slow as hell compared to firefox or whatever, which seems odd, as well the way it handles rss feeds and tabs isn’t quite as good as it could be, but its getting there.. much better than it was a few years ago.

i even switched from mozilla email to mac osx built in mail client. it’s pretty cool in that you can have a bunch of different email accounts and it will lop them all together in one big inbox for you in one view, while you can also opt to keep them separate with the click of your mouse (er, click of the large button under the touchpad, in my case, i have no mouse for the powerbook)

on the mac we have a plethora of blog options, the newest being ilife 06’s iweb application. instant blog, podcast, video, whatever, its all in there. if anyone had no computer skills but wanted an instant web presence, this is the way to go.

however, i am savvy and bought the powerbook because its a fast mobile bsd unix box with a pretty interface. i already have a domain name, gigs of storage for posting my stuff, email, the whole works.. i dont really need dot mac (.mac) on top of all that, especially with their 10gb download limit, that is kinda dissapointing though i understand the need to limit people’s downloads, even if they are podcasting.. if they upped the bandwidth they’d have to up the sweet $100 year price as well.

well breakfast is ready and my random thoughts are getting more random.. so off i go.. have a great weekend everyone!

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