podcast! new page! etc!

hey I am pretty psyched, posted a new page on .mac and brought my mini podcast into existence. let’s see if it will hold out at the 10gb limit mac gives you, or if i have to go and move it to a new server..? it’s a video podcast. it’s a bit silly and unpolished, but hey, this world needs another podcast, especially about Minis! ha! check out “StarLord’s Mini Podcast” on iTunes, or go to my new .mac webpage and subscribe or download from there.. then let me know what you think? What would you like added to it? want me to interview you or someone about your love for Minis? etc? Looking for ideas.. Not that I don’t have enough of my own, but yeh the more the merrier! Let’s motor..

Click here for … StarLord’s .mac page! .. Thanks!

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