Quarterly self-evaluation for CEOs made easy ;)

In 2011, during his tenure as CEO of Linden Labs, every quarter Philip Rosedale would send a Surveymonkey survey, totally anonymous, to all employees that asked 3 questions:

1 – Do you want to keep me as a CEO or get a new one?

2 – Regardless of what your answer to the first question is, do you think I am getting better at my job or worse?

3 – (open text box) Why?

The next day he would share the results (a percentage graph showing answers of 1 and 2), the answers to the 3rd question would be keep private.

Something every CEO should do — and if your CEO wouldn’t do this, the question is why not? Perhaps everyone in an executive or managerial role could do this as well, though does seem poignent a CEO of a modern tech company, striving for transparency and accountability, as well to measure over time (using trends) sees where he is at the company, to herald when it may be time for them to move on.

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