Recipe: Crazy 2 minute Nuked Egger Breakfast Thingy! WOO!

It’s morning and you are starved, but don’t have time for a full-on breakfast …

Sound familiar? Here’s something I’ve invented that you can do quick to tie you over ..


English Muffin (sourdough or whatever flavor)
2 eggs (I like the brown eggs myself)
Sliced processed cheese (pref. white or orange thin slices, you know what they are..)

How to prepare it:

1. Put the english muffin into the toaster (normally they are cut in half already, so you can rip the halves apart) — I normally toast them LIGHT
2. While your muffin is toasting, crack two eggs into a microwave safe bowl and mash/beat them with a whisk
3. Once the eggs are mixed well, take a slice of cheese, unwrap it and place it on top of the eggs.
4. Put the bowl in the microwave for about 1:30 to 1:40 — it looks pretty wild cooking in there, entertain yourself!
5. Your toasted muffin should pop up while the eggs are cooking (unless you like it fairly burnt and crispy, which I don’t think works well for this)
6. The eggs are done when it looks like the whole mixture is about to explode (hehe) — If it looks somewhat like scrambled eggs or an omelette all the way through, then it’s cooked … if it looks all runny, then it’s not quite done and you need to put it in longer..
7. Take a fork or use a muffin to scoop the microwaved eggs out of the bowl, onto a muffin.. put the other one on top of that to make a sandwich

It will be a bit hot so be careful, otherwise enjoy!

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