Regions up on OSgrid *NOW* and free land/build permissions available..

Yep, up and currently running 9 full sim regions on OSgrid, they are all in development and open to YOUR input for how they should evolve! Want to come build on OSgrid? Send me a message here via the contact page once you get your account at

They are currently running part-time on my MacBook Pro but will be hosted soon 24/7 through a partnership with MCS Office Solutions in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) who will be hosting a box on their network for these sites.

Archipelago Flatlands (flat land as far as the sim can reach, and parcels are available for the taking for those who are interested in getting some free land on OSgrid)

Crepuscular (a dark volcanic realm)

Hardcore Haven (this is owned by Atrum Infero’s royal builder and creator of Hardcore Bodies (custom shapes) Rox Hardcore, aka RoxHardcore Cyberstar)

Forest Templum (it will be a forested realm as soon as I add the trees)

Gelid Chalet (the initial terrain was like Amberly Kinsella’s Tusk build in Second Life, though it has drastically changed since then. It also contains many builds imported by

Fujoshi (it is a spiral island like a giant cinnamon roll, probably will be asian designs of some sort)

Otaku (an Asian themed island, pagodas and bridges and what nots)

Arenaceous (an arid desert like region.. Gorean or Post-apocalypse maybe?)

Islandia (this was once the formerly known sim my partner RileyGene Parx and I had on Second Life as a rented estate ‘Magician’s Country’ or ‘Mauritius Round Island’, minus the waterfalls and palm trees and rentable houses.. I will make it more tropical soon..)

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