Remembering Joy..

I don’t know if it’s politically correct to mention or discuss things personally, but I am going to say it anyway. For what it’s worth, in the 90’s I dated a girl with CF, in fact was planning on marrying her (well, I gave her a promise ring, which is saying something seeing as I was fresh out of college making around $9/hour working retail at a video game store at the time).

She was one of the most awesome people I have ever known, and in spite of everything she went through, she continued hold a positive attitude on things.

She went to Stanford Hospital regularly, both for herself and to volunteer some time with others, and viewed them in high regards. I feel they really made a difference to ensure she had the best quality of life possible. She had a job at the Palo Alto Daily News doing a weekly gossip and restaurant review column, but akin to her sense of humor her business cards held the esteemed title of “Office Babe”. She was an avid football fan, and probably knows more about the game and its players than most men who think they do. She called any number of teams “her boys.”

Joy Felicia Villasenor was just over 30 when she left us, but I am certain she touched more people and accomplished more than most people do in 60 or 90 years.

Without sounding too cheeky or cliché I can only attest that her example was more about living every day to the fullest, regardless of how healthy or sick one thinks they are, tomorrow is still as uncertain, as today becomes yesterday.

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