Satellite Dish object for Opensim, SecondLife, etc.

Yet another creation for your metaverse adventures.

Here is the complete object export for the Satellite radio I’ve been passing out to friends.

Click here to download the ZIP file: Satellite_Dish

Included is the object itself (Satellite), the parcel radio script (Radio Script), the readme file about the script (radio-readme.txt), and a sample list of Internet radio stations you may use with the dish (stations-short).

The satellite export file was saved using the Imprudence viewer. To import the object, simply chose the import feature from the viewer’s file menu, and it will build the object before you in world. There is no texture on the object, it just uses a grey blank with some shiny.

This object is licensed Creative Commons – Share Alike – Non Commercial attribution, which means you can use it as you wish, make derivative copies and give it freely to others, but you may not sell it for profit or use commercially without my approval. Thanks and enjoy!

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