SecondLife, OpenSimulator, now what?

Most folks who’ve been following my blog and flickr see that I am pretty active with creating virtual worlds, namely OpenSimulator server based software, and in the past this was extensively using the SecondLife client application. Well, now that I run my own simulator (aka Region) on my laptop, I don’t connect to the SL grid or other grids that often, however, I thought it would be interesting to note several of the OTHER grids (yes, other than SecondLife, which we all know and love or hate for whatever reason) which basically run the same software, albeit with their own chosen scripting, meshing and/or physics engine perhaps. SL runs on a custom hack of the ever-popular HAVOK engine, which so many games and their AI use today.. anyway before I get off on that tangent, may I present a fairly up-to-date list of grids for your exploration:

3rd Rock =

Cyberlandia =
(seems to be in Italian)

FW Estates =
(appears to be defunct)

Helios =
(seems to be inaccessable)

Le Mone de Darwin =
(seems to be a webmail frontend?)

Legend =
(appears to be Adult oriented, and it went down without notice in Jan 2010, or did it?)

NewWorld =
(this one has a spiffy website reminds me of the old SL website)

Nexxtlife =
(based on OpenSim, and touts SL like features: Group management, Money module, Search, Classifieds, Events, and Voice)

OpenLife =
(looks like an SL land company with a product focus of hosted homestead sims at $69/mo)

OpenSimClub =
(cant seem to reach this one, though like NexxtLife it appears to be in Germany)

OSgrid =
(this one appears to be fairly stable and put together well, they have their own build of the OpenSimulator for download and easy config.)

VirtualSims =
(couldn’t reach that one either)

VirtYou =
(in Germany, linked with LindenLabs and Twinity/RealLife, they have virtual models of real world cities)

YourAlternateLife =
(has an OMC based currency system with real world equivalent money, YAL market using YAL currency)

ReactionGrid =
(seems to be a grid that is oriented towards business meetings)

I have not personally checked each one out, and grab this info from the current release of the Hippo OpenSim Viewer, a viewer client based on the 1.2x version of SecondLife yet with enhancements specific to OpenSim, though I have connected to OSgrid a few times and my user name on there is simply “Star Lord” though, I don’t think they have any sort of offline messaging as of yet..

If you stumbled on this blog and use any of the above services please feel free to chime in on your experiences good or bad and send me links to pictures or machinima etc where applicable! 😉 My login name in SecondLife, as reference, is “StarLord Scribe” I am not on very often anymore but continue to blog and snapshot experiences — cheers!

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