Site Archive: Commodore Amiga Computing tech and tips, game cheats


This is an archive of material for the defunct Commodore Amiga brand of computers. It contains some useful hacks, technical specs, and game cheats from the platform’s hey-day..

(sorry, this is a plain vanilla page because it’s an archive snapshot and I am too lazy to improve on it..)


a5000.txt Dated technical info about the A5000 that never made it
a500_1mb.txt How to hack your A500 mb to 1MB (from 512k)
ahardware.html Amiga hardware links
Amiga_install.exe Installer for PC2AMIGA (Amiga side)
Amiga_LHA.exe LHA Archiver for AMIGA
amigapc.html Small text about PC2AMIGA
amigavsatari.txt Comparsion, Amiga VS AtariST
keyboardswa.txt How to use a PC keyboard on Amiga
piggybackram.txt How to piggyback more ram on your amiga motherboard (ver.2)
pwrsupply.txt Give your Amiga a bigger power supply!
zorroslot.txt Convert the sidecar slot on Amiga500 to a Zorro slot!



beast3.txt Walkthru for Shadow of the Beast III (game)
birdsofprey.txt Walkthru for Birds of Prey (game)
castles.txt Manual for Castles (game)
desert.txt Walkthru for It Came From The Desert (game)
dojodan.txt Cheat for DojoDan (game)
drakkhen.txt Walkthru for Drakkhen (game)
dungeon.txt Cheat for Dungeon Master (game)
eyeofbh2npc.txt Spoiler for Eye of the Beholder 2 NPC’s (game)
flashback.txt Cheat codes for “Flashback”
shadowotb.txt Walkthru for Shadow of the Beast I (game)
streetfighter2.txt Joystick/Button combos for SF2 (game)
misccheat.txt Misc Amiga videogame cheats
larry.txt Walkthru for Leisure Suit Larry (game)
npc.txt More NPC stuff?


alinks.html Some amiga links

amiga.html An old index file from this site
asearch.html Search engines for Amiga?
asoftware.html Search for Amiga software
lha255e.exe Another LHA program for Amiga
messy.lha MessyDOS (helps xfer between PC and Amiga)
pc2am308.lha PC2AMIGA nullmodem xfer system (for both Amiga and PC)
PC_lha.exe LHA for PC

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