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Before Miniology, there was StarLord Mini Podcast.

Here is an archived page with all the earlier episode names, which should be still available on YouTube under my channel…

Episode 0   - Test (Sadie/Guinness)
Episode 1   - Welcome
Episode 2   - Easter Run
Episode 2.5 - Mindi
Episode 3   - Mini Spares and Nite Runs
Episode 4   - More Shiny Bits
Episode 5   - Run to Seven Enterprises
Episode 6   - Brit. Car Show Highlight
Episdoe 7   - MTTS Preview and ??
Episode 8   - MTTS Pt. 1 - To Monterey
Episode 8   - MTTS Pt. 2 - More Racing
Episode 8   - MTTS Pt. 3 - Mini Takes..
Episode 9   - Some Mini Repairs
Episode10   - San Francisco SunriseTour
Episode11   - 2007 model MINIs
Episode12   - Across the Pond
Episode13   - Rear Camber (Classic)
Episode14   - Minis and Miatas
Episode15   - Huffaker
Episode16   - Sweet Sixteen

Note 'MTTS' = 'Mini Takes The States' - There is another version of this,
with all 3 parts edited together on YouTube.. Also there was a short 17th episode,
directing people to the Miniology site.. But I won't bore you with it LOL..
Of course, you *can* watch these online via YouTube, along with newer Miniology episodes there, at iTunes, and Vimeo. Just search for 'starlord mini' to find them on either site!

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