sitting too close to the monitor

Current mood: Working.. Doh!


p class=”blogContent”>i have this tiny cube at work, well, quarter-cubicle may be a better description. this leads me to sit way too close to my monitor.

someday I may just fall into the monitor and never escape.. er, or it will slap the sh*t out of me .. saying “sir, back away from the monitor! slowly… put the mouse down!” er something silly like that..

anyhoo, theres a Mini run this Sunday. Cant wait, it will be so fun! Hope I can get a few of my buds together to do this with me.. that would be cool seeing as the run starts in East Bay which is already a bit of a drive, it is always more fun when people are there with ya most of the way over and back.. just in case one of our trusty vintage Minis breaks down, LOL..

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