SL Bloodlines, in a nutshell

SL bloodlines, in a nutshell

This article links to Liquid Designs FAQ page as well, for basic ‘how-to’ questions or frequently asked questions by new and prospective players of the bloodlines thirst sim, their own FAQ does a fairly adequate job.. however.. questions still arise!

Thus, StarLord Scribe has written up this notecard (now posted as a blog entry here for us) “Everything you wanted to know about being a Bloodlines player but forgot to ask..” (Ok, not everything.. but darn close to it!)

The Curse
The cost of being a vampire, other than the 599 lindens to get the HUD for the sim, is that you are going to lose .25 liters of blood a day.

There are ways around this, like amulets, or drinking blood from a container, but basically, because thirst for blood is one of those things that vampires do… you are going to need to bite people! Blood will go away whether you bite people or not, and whether you login to SecondLife or not. It’s automatic. Do what you can to survive, your liege is counting on you!

Where to bite people.. or where not to bite. To bite people, you need to go to an area that allows scripts (since the bite is a scripted function)

You can see if there are no scripts allowed by looking at the top middle of the screen and seeing what looks like a little printed page with a red “no” symbol on top of it, like with traffic signs for no turning for example.. (pun.. ok..)

Other symbols you find along the top of the window are a box (building) and a person with an arrow (push objects) and a person somewhat jumping into flight (flying ability) so if they aren’t permitted and you had some reason to use them but can’t, look for these to appear with a “no” symbol also.. in areas that don’t allow it..

What happens if you try and bite someone in a no script area? It won’t work. There are also places which specifically do not want any kind of roleplay, so when you first arrive, a good practice is to NOT be wearing your stats or attachments less you get immediately banned from an otherwise nice area.

Look around once things rezz and look for a no biting or a no vampire sign of any sort, it’s usually pretty obvious. There are other vampire sims besides bloodlines, and some of these places don’t want competing products around (CCS and Transylvania are two one of them), so use discretion. If the coast is clear otherwise then bites are likely permitted.

How to bite people? It may be obvious, but, just because you have a HUD and fangs at the ready doesn’t mean that you can just randomly walk around shops and public places and click to bite everyone you see. That’s like sending a friend request to some strange person you don’t know or haven’t chatted with, some people may be offended by your eagerness and mute or report you for harassing them. It’s almost like spam, or unsolitced roleplay.

Think about it, if you were walking down the street and some person randomly stalked you, swooped you up and bites you, draining your blood, would you like that? Well, you’re a vampire, of course you would.. but many humans would not.. SO… Always ask 😉

Lesser clans have been known to bite randomly without asking, and that’s not only lazy but shows lack of creative roleplay ability. The simplest thing to do would be greet someone in a friendly sort of way. You can wear your vampire clan or group tag if it helps, but not needed.. Once you have their attention and reply, you can ask them for the bite. Here comes the fun part!

Role play the bite! “Hi. I’m a vampire. May I bite you? Muhahahaa!” isn’t so creative, so based on your avatar you can say something appropriate for the region, your outfit and personal style are. If you are a sexy Mae West or Marilyn Monroe type of vixen, you may want to flirt with your fresh victim and describe how sexy they are and how delicious it would be to you if able to give them a vampire’s kiss, to drink their blood.

Again, to role play your bite, you don’t have to be Winona Ryder as Elisabeta or Tim Curry as Frankenfurter (or what not, LOL), but I and just about everyone else who understands Vampirism will likely recommend you role play..

Here’s some ideas for you.. Vampires can be of several types, you can use whichever approach fits your avatar’s character and the sim you are in. Generally, use your abilities and skills. You can be friendly, helpful, seductive, whichever approach works for you..

If your character is in a certain costume (e.g., victorian era ball gown, school girl, cyber/tech warrior, elf, furry, sci-fi character, etc.) then go for it and roleplay your bites in that character.. just like real life, humor is good too..

Think about how important this is, the person is giving you probably enough blood to survive at least another day, and may end up giving you their soul. It’s worth it to make some effort..

People will generally react positively or negatively, and newbies may not know what to think, you can explain briefly that you are a Vampire in the bloodlines sim and part of the fun of the game is to bite people, as such you are cursed and must drink blood to survive, or whatever you can come up with.

Either way, once they say ‘yes’ then you go ahead and give them a bite. You can bite em and leave em, but what if they want to be a vampire too? Well, there’s the afterthought of course — when you bite someone, they are given fang marks and a landmark to bloodlines. If you leave them, what’s to stop them from teleporting off and then getting turned by someone else? If you don’t someone else likely will. Any fresh person who teleports to Bloodlines is going to get overloaded by requests from every vampire stalking the entry area waiting to gain more souls..

After the bite! Right then, so your bite should be followed by a thank you and explanation of how their blood may taste.. I like to use the wine connoisseur role play, look at the environment around me, and then describe the flavor of their blood.. if at the beach I can say, “Mmmm, warm human blood with a slight hint of saltiness, sand, and suntan lotion lingering afterwards .. tasty!” or some such thing. I also treat the victim as if they were my lover, call them my dear for example.. If they are interested they will generally ask you about the game and how you like your vampire second life, etc.. I’ll leave that part to you..

There’s another choice.. if they can’t decide to become a vampire, but like the idea, you can live between revenant and vampire by becoming a feeder (masculine) or blood doll (feminine)

Blood Dolls and Feeders The concept of being a cursed vampire is sometimes not appealing to humans, so there is a way to remain human but still have fun in Bloodlines and serve the clan. You can be a walking tank of precious blood for vampires to drink from as well refill you.

This is called a “blood doll” — the basic idea is that vampires may drain you down to 6% humanity, and give you enchanted apples to refill yourself. The formula is basically 4 apples per 20% of humanity or 1 liters of blood. You have 5 liters of blood (shown as a percentage of humanity), so 20 apples gets you a full 100% humanity. This is interesting to note that an apple costs 14 lindens each, you do the math how much it would cost you to buy blood at the bloodlines store..

Well if you aren’t able to do that, grab a blood doll and drink away. Some blood dolls don’t want apples, they just want to be drained, so it’s like a freebie 😉 The practice is just like biting, you always must ask if you may bite a blood doll.. Using the spike on a blood doll is generally frowned upon, so be extra nice and careful if you are extremely low and need lots of blood.

Also watch how much you are taking, you don’t want to destroy the blood doll or turn them revenant, because then you are either going to need to potion them back to humanity (at 249 lindens), or turn them from revenant into a vampire, and either way, once turned, that person is cursed and is going to loose .25 liters of blood a day.

It’s also a respect thing, the blood dolls exist for us, as well they are in the game but don’t want to be turned. Interesting huh? As well, some blood dolls just want the HUD and to be drained and that’s that.. You as liege decide how it will go..

Once you have the HUD, fangs, stats, and bitemarks you’re done, right? Wrong! There’s all kinds of fun add-ons that you can get to make the game more fun.

You don’t have to buy any of them, but as for me, I like it.. There are some you can get at the main bloodlines store, and other products (such as bite packages from something spunky) which can be added to your inventory and work with the bloodlines system. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but useful items are the spike (to drain someone more quickly, great for turnings), blood tanks (to store blood more than the 5 liters you can carry within your body, which is normally used for turnings also), and uh.. well there’s more but I will stop for now.

Check the bloodlines website for some of this, but remember there is a lot to this game which isn’t going to be posted on their website or this one for that matter… People make up their own stuff as well, but that’s beyond the scope of this FAQ..

Ah, status. People get confused on this, and some people make up their own tags, but realistically (in the thirst bloodlines game rules themselves) this is how it breaks down..

Note that if someone tells you for example you can be a Vampire Emperor, they are pulling your leg, there is no such status in the game. Though there may be a clan status which is created for you to be a certain thing, a position to hold, or a role to assume, the game ‘status’ is different from this..

In the aspect of the game itself, anyone can call themselves whatever they want, but if their souls and blood and minions don’t add up, then the fluff they advertise is, well, just fluff.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up then… lowest of all is the Destroyed status. This means you were completely drained of blood and then bitten again, or drained past zero due to the curse. I have minions who won’t hunt or are never online and they have become destroyed.

Depending on how they got destroyed, you may or may not fix it simply by giving them blood. If your vitae blood ever drops to zero and you become destroyed, you lose the souls you have collected, but you retain the souls pledged to you by your minions.

Once destroyed, if blood can not fix it, then you need a potion to rescue yourself. I will personally give a free potion to anyone once, if they wish to return and be a true vampire. I know someone who had a minion who by no fault of her own managed to get destroyed and so her liege rescued her from the abyss before her souls went destroyed with her.. however, the liege wasn’t the first person to bite her, and she eventually went back to her soul owner, taking her minions with her. So.. consider things like this before forking over the lindens to rescue someone, they may have their reasons to leave you anyway.

Moving on though, now here are the Human statuses..

Fresh Victim – never bitten, never nothin. You can bite them, and possibly more..

Human in Limbo – Bitten, but didn’t get the HUD. You can clean the old bite with a wormwood, and bite them as new. Then if they ever get the HUD the soul will count up to you, well, unless they get wormwood again LOL.. Note that if you bite someone in limbo without first having them drink wormwood, it doesn’t do anything. No affect at all, like a free bite just for fun but no benefits..

Human – a bitten person who has and has worn the HUD (default, not much mystery there, blood has a percentage of humanity greater than 0%, and their soul went to the one that bit them) Humans with the HUD can bite people and get vital blood, even though they aren’t a vampire!

Revenant – (drained of humanity to 0% and/or vital blood to 0, but hasn’t gotten vitae vampire blood yet) Most people fast forward through the task of a Revenant getting 5L by having them drink from a tank in one sitting, thus turning them (see my other post for an example turning ceremony that includes this).

And now, the fun part, the Vampire statuses!

A basic Vampire is any human who went Revenant (0% humanity) then reached 5 liters of vital blood — thus ‘turned’ — everything above that is about status, based solely (pun!) on the number of people’s souls you and the minions who total up to you have collected. Here’s the breakdown by number of souls:

10 – Bloodletter
25 – Tormentor
50 – Hellion
100 – Impaler (remember Vlad? He was one of these..)
150 – Deathmerchant

For the next few status, I like to call them ‘Royal‘, as well the title will vary slightly based on the gender of your Vampire. Again, number of souls is what decides status.

200 – Archfiend / Archfiendess
250 – Count / Countess
300 – Baron / Baroness
350 – Prince / Princess
400 – King / Queen

There’s nothing above that within the game.. though.. ahem, secretly, there may be 😉

You used to be able to get honors by doing stuff in the game, like biting x number of people in a day (Frenzy awards for 25, 50, 75, or 100), or biting x number of people within x minutes (Berzerk awards for 10 bites in 10 minutes), however they have discontinued this now. Honors continue to show up on the bloodlines website for earlier players that have gained them.

Blood Wealth
You will see this on the bloodlines website, it’s not a soul status, but is a type of status simply based on how much blood you have on hand, either in casks, tanks, or carried on your person. You get blood by biting, spiking, or purchasing it in bulk.

Societal Status
..and a note about cheating the sim I’m not sure the metric this uses, but I assume that people are ranked by total number of souls collected, that is those they have personally collected along with the sum total of all souls from their minions. When I last checked there were over 24,000 people in Bloodlines. Keep that in mind when you see who is ranking where, but also, it doesn’t account for the way in which the souls were collected..


Yes dears, that is.. people can collect souls without biting, by extracting them using potions and soul reapers, or buy souls from merchants that deal in them and sell them off to people! It may be hard to fathom, but this is how a number of high ranking people in the game became where they were, by buying their way in. Not exactly the mark of a good vampire, even if Liquid Designs gets some profit out of the idea.

There’s another sneaky way people can obtain status, by creating another SecondLife account (commonly referred to as an Alt), getting both online at the same time, biting your own Alt, getting it a HUD, and liege it to yourself. That’s an almost instant process for 599 lindens each and a bit of technical legwork, well, if repeated you can see how easy it would be for someone to rank themselves up quickly?

As for me, I’d rather spend my lindens on other stuff like clothes! So, if you see people with an extreme amount of souls, then don’t feel distraught or worried that you will never attain such numbers… It is quite likely they didn’t do it in the most noble of ways, King or Queen or not, there are thieves within bloodlines also, people who steal blood or persuade people into giving their souls away to them in numerous ways. It’s a dark game, remember that..

Now let’s move on to the subject of clans.

As there were in ancient Romania, there are a number of Vampire families, referred to as ‘Clans’ — a common misconception given is that the number one clan is that with the most people, that it’s all a numbers game as posted on the bloodlines site.

High ranking people with great numbers of souls and blood bring the clan’s status up in position. It’s more a race or war about quantity than quality, but some people like that, so they can be in these clans, even if said clan is not a Romanian family name or have any such resemblance to something vampiric.

What may not be readily apparent is the great number of people who are unaffiliated with any such clan, by default, you are simply given membership in the ‘Curse’ clan. There is no clan land or leader or groups for curse clan, it’s, as the requirement given suggests, just generic.

Now for those that like to group together with likeminded people and have fun, clans are formed. Each clan may have it’s own rules, land, or approach to using the sim and playing the game.

There may be smaller groups or occupations that exist within larger clans, such as an army, blood collectors, soul reapers, or any such thing people like or dislike.. that’s what makes the game interesting.

Most clans get along well with each other, but don’t be surprised if you get the snub from other clans, after all, they are competing with you for status and may not take kindly to other clans in their territory or going after someone they may have their eyes set on — just like clans of old, there may be alliances and differences between the various clans.

You join a clan through Liege. Generally, when you are bitten and obtain the HUD, that person who has your soul is your Liege — you share a special bond with the person who turned you, so naturally you Liege to them, and with that, you become a member of whichever clan that Liege is a part of.

The Liege and Minion relationship Now you are turned, you are a vampire, and ready for the hunt. You have aligned with your Liege and clan, and now your Liege has a duty to help you to learn to hunt, help you with aspects of the game, and be there for you.

While it’s not usually possible to be with your every walking moment in SL, I mean, believe it or not, they may have a SecondLife which includes other minions or outside interests 😉 Yet they will normally make efforts to check-in on you or otherwise be available for you when you call upon them, in many cases giving you offworld email address, IM, or some communication beyond the boundaries of SL.

Some Lieges setup groups that their minions may interact with each other even, or go beyond the sim role to help you in SecondLife locating items or places, helping in whichever way they can. Do remember, as the protege advances, so does the master, and they know that it behooves them to be great to you, since you are helping them. Your numbers total to your Liege, and helps to make him, her, or other being greater in game status, which in turn (if applicable) helps their Liege do the same.

That said, if you ever find a problem with your Liege, your clan, or anything of it, please bring it to their attention so they can help work through it and do their best to fix it. And if they can’t, then you may go to their Liege, and so on (as high as it may go..)

If someone along the bloodline is unwilling or unable to help, then a minion of yours may be coaxed or talked into leaving, becoming disloyal to Liege and/or the Clan. True, the code speaks not of these things. At least not outwardly. It assumes you know what is.

So be on guard that not every clan is non-competitive, all are not based on mutual respect and acceptance, all are not friendly family, all do not value roleplay or common etiquette in biting and reaping. For some they just want membership and will do what they can to increase their numbers.

That said, if a minion decides they no longer want to participate in the clan or even decides to leave the sim or SecondLife itself (to wear the HUD no longer), it would be honorable to approach their liege and let them know, offering their collected souls, blood, or other items to them which are transferable. A minion is affected by the curse yet to be offline and offworld, to the time that they will loose their blood and be destroyed, they likewise may allow their Liege to hold onto their collected souls until such moment they return.

Whew.. There are other aspects and anomalies within the game, but we can save that for a later time.. If you have questions, feel free to find me inworld or send a notecard (my IMs are capped if I am offline). Of course, your Liege will likely answer these things for you quite well 🙂 Comments? Suggestions for future articles? Mmm…

Respectfully yours,
StarLord Scribe

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