smartUSA dealership spotted

Motoring is more than being a brand enthusiast, it’s about the drive to MOTOR and have an unquenchable fascination for things that move, whether they be petrol, electric, hybrid, steam, human, wind, solar, or other powered (no I didn’t just say human wind powered!)

On that note, I often find myself more than just a Mini/MINI enthusiast, but, a ‘motoring enthusiast’ — ok, primarily these are small two-seater cars, mostly classic british or other Euro marques — but yes I get excited about other innovations coming to market in 2, 3, 4, or more wheeled transit, and I think I share this with other Miniologists, whether they be Mini owners, MINI owners, Miata, Vespa, Porsche, VW, Lotus, Alfa, AM, AMG, etc…!

I love my Mini (original model) and MINI (new model), but also as some of you know I am very excited about the smart ForTwo coming to America. The San Francisco Mercedes-Benz dealership, on 8th between Brannon and Bryant, just added a shiny new smart sign on the side of the building, a subtle confirmation that this will be a hotspot for smartUSA next month when the new car arrives on our shores.

I wonder how the Mini community will react? The Mini is known for its massive level of customization options and tweakability, spawned of course by 40 years of legendary Mini history, and now more recently with the new MINI aftermarket and performance parts options.

The smart brand also enjoys a has a loyal following of motorists who love to customize their cars, and go on runs just as any good auto enthusiasts do.

While they have club mash-ups with Scooters and Harleys, Minis and Vespas, MINIs and Miatas, etc., I wonder how well the two groups will find like-minded motoring fun, cross-pollination, etc…

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