Snow in Tahoe (continued..)

Part 2 – The time share thing
We got a great deal on our stay at Tahoe, it was $175 total for 3 nights at the Marriott Timber Lodge, plus we got 2 Heavenly lift tickets in exchange for listening to their schpiel about a hotel-operated sort of time share program they are doing. Not so bad for about $59 a night. Our representative guide for the ‘preview’ tour as they call it was this soft-spoken, well-travelled older gentleman, named Bob. You couldn’t help but like this guy, he seemed far more genuine and likable of a person that one would expect to sell you on the Marriott history and a time share investment. I was expecting polyester suits, slicked back hair, high pressure, etc., but it was a soft-sell approach, they laid everything out, they gave you the costs breakdown, added a few anecdotal stories and gave you a few minutes of privacy to let you decide if you wanted to do it or not. What was to be a hour and a half session, turned out to be three and a half hours. The deal goes down something like this; in exchange for buying a week stay in advance for the rest of your life, you get a one or two bed hotel room (aka ‘villa’), having to only pay the price of a decent car plus a homeowner’s association and maintenance fee of about $800 bucks a year. If you decide not to use your pre-arranged week stay, you can swap it with someone else at some other location or “bank” it and then use the resulting points towards other travel related stuff, airfare, packages, hotel stays, etc. Well that all sounded good, and bottomline was that it costs you about $400 or so a month when all is said and done, with some limitations that you can’t travel everywhere since they don’t have time shares everywhere of course, and what if I don’t stay at a 5-star inn? What if I camp out? What if I stay in Motel 6? What if I stay in a nice hotel or with a friend instead? Well, then you are kinda on your own. So that didn’t exactly work out for me, besides, if I am going to get a new car, that’s one chunk of questionable change I don’t want to throw away on a time-share I may not even use– alright I may be a bit harsh on the idea, really, if that sounds like a great deal for you, then go for it. I know people who have, and they seem to like the idea, but it just isn’t something I want to commit to at this point. Moving along..

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