Snow in Tahoe (yep, continued..)

Ok, so I kinda got off on a rant there the last two posts. Tuesday it was sunny and warm, in the 40’s, it hadn’t snowed in Tahoe for a longgg time. Wednesday we just kinda tooled around, went bowling at Tahoe Bowl, went to the museum (which was closed), and got an excellent massage. That is, I got a great massage by Thomas at the spa just above the North Face store, dang I forget the name of the spa, but he was well trained in Essellan (sp?) style Swedish massage, Ch’i-Gung, Rei’Ki, and said he also practiced T’ai Ch’i, probably one of the best massages I have had, ever.

Renee is very picky about her massage and didn’t enjoy hers at all, also thinks that the gal wasn’t really in tune with her and went too fast. Bummer for her, if I was meaner I would say Semper Fidelis but really that sucks, she should have gotten a better one, she needed a good massage and still does.

So anyway, where was I? Ah, Thursday. We awoke to snow-covered wonder. It snowed about a foot up at the top of the peak, around 9000 feet. Great day for skiing and boarding, or whatever you like to do in or to the snow..

Part 3 – Snowboarding 101
I took the lesson/rental/lift ticket package, at $125 it was an awesome deal. Uh.. ok, helmet was $10 extra but oh well, still good! I hopped on the gondola which took us up the mountain, and 17 minutes later there we were at the top, in almost blizzard like conditions we stomped through the snow. Calvin went to a blue run with Renee, while I waited for the instructor, rental boots and helmet on, rental board in hand, first-timer snowboarder ready to fall down into the powder. There were a few of us n00bs that day, first time skiiers off with one group, and we off with the patient and skilled Meagan for our almost 4 hour training introducing us to boarding basics. How to slide facing the right way, how to J turn from the toe or heel side, and though I didn’t quite get it, how to wedge, or wiggle slowly down as it were without turning too much, that, yeh, I didn’t quite get. I did learn pretty well how to fall on my butt backwards as well fall forward into the snow some other times. It’s good to change it up a bit. I fall down most often when I am not going fast enough, however that’s funny because if I start going too fast and out of control, I turn and slow back down, then prompty fall down when I try to straighten back out and get going again. One thing I hate is sitting there with both bindings connected and having to get back up. Ugh. You do that one too many times and that’s a workout in itself. Meagan taught me the alternate method, of rolling over on your stomach, flipping the board over and then getting back up the other way, though in so doing you have to remember which way you should be heaaded down the mountain and position yourself accordingly. Though it’s probably bad, I like the idea at having one binding undone and then you can get up alot easier, though, they tell me it’s way more important to keep both boots in their bindings. I can kinda see why that is, especially when you go down, you don’t want to be twisting your ankle or whatever. It was so fun though, snowboarding is awesome. The moments spent falling down or getting up aren’t so fun, but the rest of it sure is. Calvin (who is 11 and wise about such things) says boarding is hard to learn but easy to master, while skiing is easy to learn and hard to master.. that is the thought I had throughout the day. I think each sport has it’s easy and hard parts, it’s more about if you get it and if the sport fancies you as much as you fancy it. One thing though I am finding out more and more, I am not a skiier type of person, though, I am more so a boarder type of person. However, I should also say that the two can get along and live harmoniously. I am no expert on either, but I think some conditions suited well to boarding may not be so well for skiing, and vice versa, but it’s all about the snow or the elements, and they are both fun. What am I going on about? Hmm.. now I just need to decide if I really do better goofy foot forward or not (my first forray was with the right foot 15 degrees forward to the nose and left foot 0 degrees back to the tail) . I am tired of typing now.

I liked snowboarding, though I am not sure Heavenly would be the best place to learn, but what do I know? It may have been the best conditions and best place to do it.
It was a bit grueling walking through the snow. I could have called it ‘Snow-hiking and snow-boarding lessons’ because of all the walking I did. I wasn’t sore anywhere really except my feet. They were tired of walking. And I was winded enough at 9000 feet to stop for water a few times. I was exhausted getting off my butt so many times, and near the end of the day I was just done. I thought having a nice shot of whisky would do me a world of good. I had snotsicles at times on my mustache and other times my beard had icicles, wish I had some photos of that, it would have been funny to look at now.

All in all, I look forward to doing it again. Especially if the wind and snow aren’t blizzarding all over the place, visibility is clearer, but still plenty of power around to fall into softly 🙂 It was cool. I stayed toasty the whole time, didn’t get too wet, and not so sore as I would have expected to be at the end of the day. 1 or 2 more days of boarding and I should have the basics down 🙂

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