Some notes on migrating open simulator sim regions across grids, platforms, and databases – Part II

Some MORE notes on migrating open simulator sim regions across grids, platforms, and databases – Part II

So, now I have decided to restore my OSgrid build on the PC running all 9 sims (I dumped the 4 sim diva distro for now).

All of that shuffling must have caused some issue, or, the grid itself is experiencing problems, as I can’t seem to get all of my 9 sims to appear at once on OSgrid, even though they were indeed running fine before. I can keep 4 or 5 of the sims going and for whatever reason, others disappear from view!

The sims appear to be running locally, when I look at stats they are happy and running, though to OSgrid it’s like they cease to exist after some time. They come back if I restart the sim, so I think it may be having some sort of connection issue, as if they get disconnected from the grid somehow with no recourse/recovery the only option is to retart whatever affected sims may be.. Even that doesn’t seem to work sometimes.

Moving forward, I think what I will do now is save new OAR files and then reinstall the new OSgrid build fresh, import the OARs to it, and see how that goes. I’m also going to change the database to MySQL, since I have just installed it when I loaded diva distro on the same machine.

Failing that, I’ll go to a 4 sim build similar to what I had with diva distro, or simply go back to that install entirely, thus calling it quits with OSgrid and its many random issues…

(even though some of these may be my own fault, it’s these problems I hear from a few other OSgrid-connected OpenSim owners! Granted OSgrid is the biggest of the OpenSim grids, and help is available — help I didn’t bother asking anyone for — but meh on all that for now, I just want something like diva distro or the standalone that I can run out of the box and have fun with it, hypergridded or not!)

I’ll report back whatever happens next.

FYI, with MySQL I can get OpenSimulator running very nicely (stand-alone or gridded) on the Mac OS X system, trouble with that is, as far as the hardware goes, it’s my personal laptop, so I can’t — or won’t — devote that powerhouse to being just a server running a sim.

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