Starbucks Remix

You ever stand there, looking at the expensive list of flavored sugary creamy coffee drinks and wonder what to get at Starbucks? This is what I generally order.. not on the menu, but worth the trouble..


Vente Green Tea Frap, no whip, 8 scoops of matcha, 4 scoops of whats that other stuff they put in there, melon? Yeah. Well its good. Don’t do 8 scoops in the hot green tea drink unless you want your eyeballs to pop out of your head from the amount of caffeine about to enter your body.


Tall Orange ToffeeNut Latte. And what a mighty tasty drink that is.
Grande Blended Chai (1/2 whole milk, 1/2 lowfat milk) — As close as Starbucks can get to the real thing.


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