StarLord finally arrives on Blogger

Yeah, I have been doing it myself up until now. Posting on the website, .mac, myspace, and who knows where, but now (thanks to Rich) have finally made the plunge and posting my blogs on the Google-owned “” site.

Well, I figure they have done such a great job with so many other tools we use, the search engine of course is top-notch, Google Video (beta) is great, and as they aquired YouTube, that says something– it says I won’t have to post in so many places when the integration or whatever is complete 😉

What other Google tools do we use? We love Google maps, as well the language tools are very helpful when trying to read international news about the Mini from Japan or Germany, for example. Whew, that was a big run-on sentence.

Well you can tell I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning. Need to scarf down some breakfast, drink some coffee (or perhaps a Redbull.. but this early?) get dressed, and ready to go to the car show (see last post).

Moving forward, we will begin importing the blogs from other sites into this one. I hear it only lets you see the last 300 or so entries, and the import process is a manual one, so this may take some time before you see all the old posts here, but, they will get here eventually, and, if blogger supports it, we will be able to back-date the posts so that the timestamps follow the correct linear date progression of this idea we call “time”…

Christopher ‘StarLord’

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