When I look into your eyes
there are stars inside
and their universes
seem to sound like forever

Then trace down to your breast
where worlds of curves
and soft landscapes are at rest
the peaks and valleys
suddenly sway and jiggle
each breath and movement

Looking back to your face
the smile hits me like an embrace
and I feel the warmth of your soul
as it swirls all around me

The shape of your lips
draw me in like a magnet
as a smirk forms
and pulls me closer

and I linger there
just about to taste you

My hand traces your hair
silky strands flow through fingers
tugging gently brushing back
feeling the electricity in a sigh
heart beating blood racing
as softly parted lips
find their way closer
to mine

I feel your need growing
as I pull back to savor this
body and spirit drawing closer
because you feel this right now
and our energies
are already kissing


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