sugar buzz

sugar buzz


p class=”blogContent”>I ran a comparison of usual foods I eat and the amount of sugar in them.

This includes drinks like Red Bull and Coke, along with a Starbucks
Frappuchino, a small cup of yogurt, and a healthy Cliff Bar.

Right off the bat, we’d expect the Red Bull and Coke to have lots of
sugar in them. They do.

Of course, these things are different sizes, so measuring total sugar
alone may not be fair.

Instead, let’s take total number of grams per ounce, and rate them from
highest to lowest sugar.

Guess which item had the most and least amount of sugar?

sorry bout the formatting..

Item              - Total Sugars - Per Oz.
Cliff Bar           - 21g / 2.4oz  - (8.75)
Red Bull            - 27g / 8.3oz  - (3.25)
Trader Joe's yogurt - 19g / 6oz    - (3.16)
Starbucks Frapp.    - 27g / 13.7oz - (1.97)
Coca-Cola (bottle)  - 26g / 20oz   - (1.30)

The Starbucks Frappuchino and 20oz bottle of Coke had the LEAST amount
of sugar!

Pretty amazing our beloved healthy Cliff Bar tops out the list,
in comparison, Coke has only 14% the sugar of a Cliff Bar.

Yay! Sugar! 🙂

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