Test post from blog StarLord.net with Facebook integration

Hi folks, you may wonder what this is about, I wrote a FB app to seamlessly integrate my blogs (which are all WordPress based) and facebook. So I am posting here on starlord.net with the app and a plug-in which should port this so it exists on both sites. I’m including an image in the post just for testing as well. If all goes well I’ll use the same app and plugin on sites such as Miniology.com and other ones that I am hosting. Cheers!

SCPmedia, like the Electric Crayon, is a company affiliated with the production of Miniology and some other broadcast TV/radio stuff.

Christopher / StarLord

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  1. comment from blog itself (not using facebook login). my noscript firefox plugin didn’t like the FB comment part of the plug-in as it detected a potentially hidden element (click jacking) which isn’t the case, I am indeed redirecting the comment through Facebook, but logging someone in through Facebook already, that’s a given!

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