that dude who summons ufos..

yeah a friend found this on youtube (alexis, you know who you are!)

wow, interesting.. huh? i do think that calling himself a ‘shaman’ or ‘prophet yaweh’ takes away some of the credibility though, it’s cool nonetheless.

the only question now is, who’s ships are coming to him and what’s their underlying purpose.. and of course, ‘hey mister can i bum a ride?’ 🙂

even if they are balloons or air force test craft, the ability to communicate via whatever hidden means is still cool. nanotechnology perhaps? hidden radio communications? alien implants?

one person i know, who is an expert in these kinds of things, says this: “looking at his body, he has some sort of imprinted circuit pattern overlaid on his central nervous system — that means whenever he holds the correct posture (like Indian mudras) it has an effect, in his case, ‘summoning’ ufos. he could say whatever shaman phrases he wants, or simply concentrate and say ‘i love banana peels’ and it would have the same effect. it’s extraterrestrial technology, in otherwords, that makes it possible.”

still would like to get a ride, you know, just so i can blog about it and take pictures and video and stuff like that.

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