The bridge (erotic)

Adzumi had to ride the bus today, across a bay of water.
the drive was long, but on she
Went and boarded the large bus.
The seats weren’t too cozy
as the padding wasn’t so thick.
She didn’t like bumpy rides, but
The only seats left were near the Back, perched over each wheel well. “oh great,” she thought, a lump of foreboding or disappointment forming a scowl on her pretty face. As she sat, the bus lurched into motion, practically knocking her off her seat. She had to hold onto a railing bolted on the back of her seat, and position herself to the side a bit, so she could hang on.
Though a bit uncomfy, this held her in place tight. She wondered if people were handcuffed in much the same way to the cold hard steel pole, or dancers used them in strip clubs, or how a mans cock would feel in her hand if similar girth. The old bus’ diesel engine groaned and roared heat, and vibrated the bus around her almost shaking it.
The road was a bit uneven,
And then came the bridge, which was several miles across and known to be bumpy even in a car. So she expected the worst.
The wind buffeted the bus,
Gently rocking it in various ways, It wasn’t so bad, almost pleasant actually . She laughed to herself , how could a bus be enjoyable?
She felt a bit more relaxed.
The bridge was low and built by sections constructed by barges , each one a few meters long.
As The bus rolled over each of them, the floating road beneath her buckled and struck the tires with force. Thump! thump! thump! thump! Like a beating rattle and drum. This with the vibrations of the Engine started working its hum which traveled the seat and with some impact she could feel the mechanics react to them under her body, which felt every bump and roll. Then She suddenly noticed, what was it?
The motion and pounding, it was
Making her aroused! She shuffled bashfully in her seat, and hoped nobody noticed her blushing. The
Other passengers were either sleeping, texting, or reading a book. Many just looked out the window. She hadn’t noticed that the bus was much emptier now than when she got on. Her legs were crossed, and She pressed them tighter. Her mind wandered to her sexy man friend Angyo,
His muscular body, his smile, his scent. She closes her eyes, squeezing ever stronger her legs, it pressed her lips and clit as women can do, secretly , as they sit. Her leg swinged over and rocked her a bit, The vibrations and thumping, She is so wet now… Moving with the rhythm of the bus ride, She pushed herself down into the seat more, feeling the bounces of the large Wheel beneath her .Rocking more and shifting ever slightly, Finding the perfect spot Where vibrations and the thumps Coalesce together. She smirks and bites her lip, presses her thighs tighter. The sensations build even more. She is sensitive to the little Motions that send her over the edge.. And as she begins to peak, she gasps in a breath, pretends it’s a cough though none seem to notice her wiggling about in the padded bench. She nods As if asleep and stirring awake, But she is reaching orgasm soon. She is amazed how quickly she reached it. Adzumi closes her eyes once more ,
And let’s the waves crashing
over her, her mind has vivid sensations that take over, she breathes heavy and hot and parts her lips, her tongue darts out as if to taste and she cums harder this time. She smiles and continues to ride again . Until the bridge is done.
And the road smooths out.
And her body twitches,
She quietly let’s out a moan
Refreshed and renewed,
She decides, riding the bus isn’t so bad after all.

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