Trying out Google Blogger/Blogspot

Well, Google has been so good to me with the whole video upload thing, I thought I’d give blogspot a go. You know, Google bought up this blogger service some time ago, just like they snatched up YouTube recently, and, well, as you may have read in my other posting, it was just too hard for me to blog from everywhere at once, one reason being, I am not always in the vicinity of my beloved PowerBook, it may not be plugged in or whatever.
Anyway, other than my blog here at the home website, I contribute to some other blogs. Here are the links, if you want to check them out..

Some imported blogs (these will be migrated to, these are personal blog entries, most of them were on iWeb. I didn’t realize how nice the RSS feed from iWeb was, or I would have saved it and imported it directly here, but for now, here are entries that I haven’t imported from Blogspot:

Secondly, I started a blog with text from my podcast descriptions– when I first hit Blogspot, I thought maybe there was a way I could hook it into iTunes and my podcast feed, but didn’t seem to figure that out.

So, maybe I am missing something, or maybe there’s a way I can do it from wordpress. If someone knows, and mind you this is a video podcast, so a normal RSS/Atom feed with video enclosure, which in some way might be imported to iTunes, let me know how?

Thus, it’s kind of a backup of the iWeb podcast feed, which is duplicated nicely on YouTube and somewhat reordered (thought not as nice of a RSS) on Google Video. If either of THOSE were compatible with iTunes, or I could somehow tweak the search feed through Feedburner or something, then that would work too. Anyone know how to to that? Ah well, here’s the source (which is actually Atom, because they are big on Web2.0 but want you to pay to get a RSS for some reason? Uh.. I haven’t done that, and won’t. I already pay for a fine webhost, BlueHost, and have this nifty WordPress installed now, even though Joomla does nice RSS feeds too.. so it seems redundant to pay a 3rd party just for another RSS feed? Here it is.

Now, as for blogs I contribute to, for now that means Miniology, which is a website as well a blogspot feed setup by Rich McG. Who’s that? Yes, the same Rich who is my east coast correspondant for the podcast

“..our friend StarLord, Christopher, he does a podcast.. actually a vodcast, dude..”
-Don Burnside
, White Roof Radio

ok, vodcast! Though for some reason I have trouble with the word vodcast. I have said StarLord Mini Podcast for so long, it kinda stuck. Granted, I have never done an audio-only version. I planned on doing an audio version for the Mini/MINI events calendar, but, that never seemed to happen (yet..)

uh-oh, looks like I am getting off on a tangent.

Ok, without further adeiu, here is the miniology blog. Note that someone else out there was crafty enough to get a blogspot page called Miniology, which is cool and all, even though we already had the domain name, so is that confusing? I dunno.. but if you go typing around you may stumble on it and think you’re reading our stuff, but you’re not, exactly.

Here’s ours:

..that’s all for now!

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